We are the first call for every outrageous, unthinkable and unknown possibility in the field of digitally immersive experiences — all with highly competitive rates.

Thinking, writing and planning earth-shattering brand stories are just a part of what we do. For more than 10 years, we have been using graphic design and websites to bring brands to life.







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"The need for calculations in art, culture and also our daily lives is continually growing"

Prof. Dr. Bernd Eberhardt Hochschule der Medien for CGI and VFX | President MSC

"We will see changes that are comparable to book printing"

Prof. Dr. Michael Resch Director HLRS High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart | President MSC

“For me, the MSC is a unique combination of art and high technology, the likes of which I have never encountered before. These are sectors that traditionally have had less to do with each other, but which come together here. This results in great synergies and many new, very interesting topics!“

Matthias Stroezel Manager SSC Services | Chairman MSC

For me, MSC is the synthesis of innovation and art, driving art to new shores through constant development and change.

Holger Weiß Producer by MARK 13 | Chairman MSC

"Our generation lives in an age where a new branch of art is on its way: e-culture."

Matthias Hauser General Manager MSC

“What we can do at MSC is to open the doors for young people to come and create.”

Prof. Dr. Teixeira Coelho Netto Curator at the MSC

"There are limitless new ways to create and consume art in the digital realm. The MSC provides the expertise and technological skills in programming that are crucial for these types of artistic endeavors“

Dr. Ellen Andrea Seehusen Managing Director IAM International ARTS Management | Consultant at the MSC


Christian Winter

Art director

Eclectic Studio

Motion design

Mia Fruciante


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